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Ancient Superfoods is a leading healthy lifestyle brand in the food industry, bringing about the convergence of modern science and ancient wisdom. We are working hard to provide the best alternate healthy foods to replace the modern processed unhealthy chemical fortified foods.

What Makes Us to Do This

As parents, we were worried about the health of our children and ourselves. The main reason behind the invention of Reborn Century+ is my two children. About three years ago, our elder son was often sick of illness, and we used to give him a lot of antibiotics at least three times a year. However, he gets sick again and again. One day he had asthma. We went to a doctor for medication to treat asthma. 

Then, the doctor told my son to take medicine for life and stop eating ice cream, cool drinks, sweets, and not to sleep in an air-conditioned room forever. We gave him the doctor-prescribed medicine for three months, and his health condition has not changed. Then we immediately stopped giving allopathic medicines and started giving Ayurvedic treatment. In addition, we give him Acalypha Indica leaf decoction four times a month. We also replaced cooking oils, sugars, white rice and stopped providing junk food to our children. Surprisingly, my elder son fully recovered in just three months from all his ailments. From the day he recovered, we have not given him any antibiotics and medications to date. Now he sleeps in an air-conditioned room every day and often eating ice creams and cakes, but he didn’t even get cold. Then we decided to completely change our family’s daily lifestyle and eating habits to become a healthy family for life.

Then we started researching healthy food choices and had many conversations with our parents and grandparents about their early eating habits. And we were amazed that their early foods were so nutritious, fiber-rich, and gluten-free. The grains they used to eat were ancient Indian millets. In addition, they cultivate their food grains naturally and do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Further, we thought to add more nutritious and healthy ingredients to millets. And once again, we began to research on the internet and food journals to find gluten-free rice varieties and wild grains. In the process of learning, we read a research journal about wild bamboo rice used by KANI TRIBES and the way they use them. We were amazed while knowing the health benefits of bamboo rice. With no other thought, we decided to add them to millets. Then we gained a lot of knowledge about various gluten-free rice varieties, such as forbidden rice, quinoa, etc., by referring to numerous research journals.

Then we made a precious ancient healthy food product using 12 kinds of rare ancient Indian native grains, including ten varieties of millets, wild-sourced bamboo rice, and forbidden black rice (Emperors Rice) with love and passion towards a healthy lifestyle. All the ingredients chosen are unique, gluten-free, and rich in dietary fiber. We never added any chemical additives or fortified synthetic vitamins and minerals to any of our products. We carefully formulated to get the maximum amount of dietary fiber and nutrients from the final healthy blend. We spent more than three years making the final successful product. Now we are calling it the REBORN CENTURY+. And this heavenly healthy food can be consumed by all age groups from 6 months baby to 100+ years old. Our children and ourselves use to drink/eat Reborn Century+ every day as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Promise to You

We never disappoint you with the quality of our products


100% Natural

All our products are 100% natural and free from preservatives, fortified synthetic vitamins, fortified synthetic minerals, fortified synthetic antioxidants, refined sugars, refined salt, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavours.


High Quality

We use handpicked Premium Quality Natural Unpolished Native Ancient Indian Millets, Wild Sourced Bamboo Rice and Forbidden Emperors Rice (Full Black Rice).



Before manufacturing every product, we scientifically research all ingredients. Once the final product is ready to use, we consume it personally for 3 to 4 months to observe the results of that product and we introduce it to our customers, only if it gives the visible results.


Always Fresh

All ingredients and spices we procure are a fresh, and we order in small quantities directly from farmers and millers. We manufacture our products in small batches to keep them fresh and authentic.

Only The Best Quality of Products

Our heavenly healthy food products are based on ancient wisdom and made with highly nutritious traditional natural ingredients that can promote healthy body and mind, strengthen immunity, improve digestion, and helps to maintain overall family well-being.

We use handpicked Premium Quality Natural Unpolished Native Ancient Indian grains to make our products more unique when compared to the products available in the market. All ingredients we use make our heathy products are 100% gluten-free and natural. We formulate our health products to get the maximum amount of Natural Vitamins, Minerals, and antioxidants. 

As parents, we are strictly against to junk foods and unhealthy food practices. So, we never add any kind of preservatives, fortified synthetic vitamins, fortified synthetic minerals, fortified synthetic antioxidants, refined sugars, refined salt, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavours to any of our products.

Ancient Superfoods has become the best place for people looking for hassle-free, healthy, and nutritious food products for their growing children and the whole family.

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