Shipping and Delivery

The processing time for us to process your order is 2-3 days from the date of your order. Sometimes It will take a day or two more days, due to various reasons. We are working hard to make our delivery system fast and reliable.

Door Delivery charges and minimum order amount

1. There is no limit on minimum order quantity/amount of money.

2. Standard delivery charges is applicable.

3. Standard delivery charge is calculated as per weight of the order and distance of delivery location from Ongole.

4. Free delivery on minimum order value of Rs. 2000 and above.

If you provide us with an incorrect delivery address/contact number, and the package is returned or not delivered due to the incorrect address, we reserve the right to charge additional shipping costs to ship your package again to the correct address.

Self-Pay, Self-Pickup option

  1. In the self-pay, self-pickup option, the package will be sent to the nearest courier/parcel service office based on the PIN code provided in the order.

  2. The minimum amount of Rs.30-200 will be charged to ship the product from our (Ancient Superfoods) warehouse to respective Courier/Parcel Service Office based on weight.

  3. The parcel will be sent to the Courier/parcel service branch nearest to the customer according to the pin code provided in the order.

  4. The reference/LR number of the package will be updated in the order. This will be requested in the corresponding courier/parcel service office.

  5. The actual shipping cost will be paid by the customer when picking up the order at the respective courier/parcel service office.

Any problems arising from courier/logistics partners are not controlled by ancient superfoods. We will try to solve problems that are only within our control. But we do not guarantee the resolution of any extreme situations.

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